Quick and Easy Valentine's Day Outfit Ideas!

February 13, 2019

Happy Valentine's Day loves!

I hope that you have a wonderful day showing love for the people in your life! But..... if we're being completely honest, I am not the biggest fan of Valentine's Day. Out of all the holidays that I celebrate, this is not the one the that I get the most excited for. Don't get me wrong, I love the idea of having a certain day set aside where people come together and share their love and appreciation for the ones in their lives, but why is this only on one day a year? I think that it should be every day where we do a little extra for someone we love!

Now, I'm not saying that I don't celebrate the holiday... because I'm not... at all! My boyfriend and I will be celebrating our 4th Valentine's Day together this year and we have very exciting plans of going to work because it is after all a Thursday. After work we are staying in and he is making dinner, I'm making dessert, and we will probably watch a movie or The Office. I prefer to spend the night in because any restaurant will be too crowded!

Today, I thought that I would throw together different Valentine's Day (or really any day) outfit ideas for you! Everything pictured can be found at Target and is under $30 a piece!

This first outfit had very low-key v-day vibes. The red skirt would also work perfectly with white or blue for Memorial Day or the 4th of July! I cut a plain fitted black tee to create this top with a deep v-neck, and you can find the sneakers here! Overall, I think that this outfit is something shows you are celebrating, but not over the top with too much pink and red!

This next outfit is perfect for those who are going to work and want a very subtle look. The pants are a blush color, and the work shirt has a cotton back, making it very breathable for hotter offices! Unfortunately, I could not find the pants on Target's website for the life of me (I think that they are a brand new item?). The entire outfit is very comfortable and and can be paired with pieces you already have in your closet for after Valentine's Day! 
(Purse is from Kate Spade, I just thought it went perfectly)

My third outfit is the most casual and something that I would wear all year long! Living in central Florida, a pair of great fitting shorts and a looser fitting tee basically make up 85% of any entire closet. The best part about the tee? It's only $8.00! I have the HARDEST time finding shorts that not only fit, but make me feel good in and these did both! I have big hips and a small waist, so most shorts ride up a lot causing my cheeks to show... but not these (and they are true to size)! I cant wait to go back and them in more colors!
Also! Those sandals are insanely comfortable and I could see myself wearing this entire outfit in Disney next time I go! 

The fourth and final outfit is hands down my favorite! This jumpsuit is one of the most COMFORTABLE things that I have ever worn. This jumpsuit is only $28.00, which is incredible because that is your entire outfit! It is made with really soft rayon, it literally felt as if I was wearing the cutest PJs! I would pair it with the black sandals from the outfit above (or if you prefer not shoes, go and rock that!). 

And the best part? It has pockets!!! I'm sure if you're a women reading this you 100% understand how exciting it is to have a dress, romper, or jumpsuit (really anything) with pockets! I seriously have no idea why designers don't include pockets more often?! (okay I mean I do because they want us to buy their purses, but still.... we want more pockets!)

I hope you all enjoyed my four quick and simple outfits ideas for Valentine's Day. Again, everything can be found from Target and I linked the items that I could. Oh! and for those of you wondering... yes, every single photo was shot inside Target, primarily in the fitting room! My friend Katie and I had a blast with this mini photoshoot and ever Target team member who saw us thought it was hilarious and loved the outfits (especially the jumpsuit). 

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