Last Minute Gifts for Her!

December 21, 2018

I can't believe that we are in the final countdown until Christmas Day! We are just 4 short days away from Christmas morning, and although I did most of my shopping already I know there are still some last minute things I can add to gifts!

With it being so close to the holiday, the best option would be to hit up your local mall or shopping center; ordering online, even with expedited shipping still might not get to you in time. I work in a mall and have since 2013, I know how much of a nightmare they are these next few days so I would suggest going as soon as they open if that is possible. Here are 10 of my top picks for this holiday season!

Starting off with the girl who loves to travel:
  • This makeup bag is perfect to hold everyday products on one side and your brushes on the other! 
  • This travel blanket folds up right into a pillow! Plus it has a separate handle that slips right onto your carry-on!
  • Another very cool travel item is this portable cup holder. It can attach to anything, including the handle of your carry-on suitcase! (This is something that I have on my list this year!) 
  • While were on the topic of travel, these wireless noise canceling headphones are a LIFE SAVOR when flying. Just make sure to download the app as well!

Moving onto the beauty girl:
  • As someone who has tried many eye shadow primers, this one from MAC has been the winner for me! It stayed on for almost 48 hours and through a rain storm in Universal Studios! (I literally just left it on as long as I could to see how it would hold up, and it's safe to say that it did it's job!)
  • An oldie, but a goodie! My favorite of the NAKED Palette collection! Sadly, I heard that Urban Decay is retiring this beauty, so I would get your hands on it quickly!
  • Something else that is on my list is a Kylie Lip Kit. I know I know, I am very late to the game, but I wanted to be able to test the colors in person before I bought one and thanks to ULTA I now can! 

Lastly, for some other items on my list that I hope others would enjoy as well!
  • The top golden ticket item for me this year would be a KitchenAid Mixer! As someone who love to bake I have always wanted one!
  • With the new year and new semester quickly approaching, people typically try to be more organized, and this planner is what I'm using in 2019! The best part? You can customize it! 
    • BONUS! You can add some sticker books from Hobby Lobby or snap ins to help make the planner more tailored to your needs!
  • As someone who has a dog who sheds CONSTANTLY, a Roomba was high on my list as well. Hopefully it will help control all of the dog hair!

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